Technical Assistant

James Eaton

MChem DPhil (Oxon)

James started at Patent Boutique in 2019, as part of our second intake of technical assistants. Before joining, he completed his DPhil at the University of Oxford in Cardiovascular Medicinal Chemistry, funded by the British Heart Foundation. His DPhil focused on the identification and characterisation of novel bio-therapeutics from tick saliva. During his DPhil, James sat at the interface of chemistry and biology and gained experience in several techniques such as heterologous protein expression, molecular biology, peptide synthesis, mass spectrometry, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, small molecule synthesis and cell-based assays. Several aspects of his DPhil work have been published in multiple peer-reviewed journals.

Prior to undertaking his DPhil, James obtained a first class MChem degree in Chemistry with a year abroad from Cardiff University, where he spent his year abroad working in a world-leading medicinal chemistry lab at the University of Toronto. At his Cardiff graduation, he was given two awards of distinction, namely the TOCRIS prize for best MChem Degree Performance and the Excellent Undergraduate Research Project prize.

Throughout his studies James has gained interest and knowledge in a wide variety of areas such as protein and peptide therapeutics, peptidomimetics, organic and medicinal chemistry, inflammation biology, epigenetics, and biotechnology.