Richard Leoni

MBiochem (Oxon) MSc CPA EPA

The bulk of Richard’s work has been the prosecution of EP patent applications, UK patent applications and UK SPC applications. He has regularly instructed foreign associates regarding the prosecution of national phase entries. Richard is experienced in the prosecution of applications concerning medical devices and assay technologies, e.g. lumenal stents and lumenal stent delivery devices, devices for treating mitral valve regurgitation, microfluidic devices and their uses, single molecule analysers and their uses, oligonucleotide arrays and both PCR-based and antibody-based assay technologies. He has also been responsible for applications involving the further medical uses of pharmaceutical compositions and applications within the areas of genetics, genomics, molecular biology and biotechnology, e.g. biofuels.

Richard has prepared written submissions in EPO opposition proceedings relating to genome editing technology, point-of-care testing devices, lumenal stent delivery devices, detection systems using nucleic acid tag and probe array combinations, stem cell preparation, immunogenic peptides and further medical uses of antibodies.  He has also prepared written submissions in EPO appeal proceedings and attended oral proceedings before both the EPO Examining Division and Opposition Division. Richard has provided analysis of patent infringement or validity in respect of numerous technologies, including vaccine delivery devices, specific uses of microfluidic devices, processes in the area of glycobiology, and pharmaceutical compositions.

Before joining Patent Boutique, Richard worked for a nationwide firm of patent attorneys.

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